So if you’ve read the subheading correctly, you’ll understand that Katie and I are having a baby through a surrogate. But please, hold off with all the disgustingly homogenous questions about said baby. We want said baby to grow up unfettered, free of crippling expectations. We don’t want to know said baby’s sex. We don’t want to know said baby’s birth weight. We don’t even want to know said baby’s species. And we damn well don’t want said baby, which involves liquoring said baby up and snipping around its no-no zone, all of which happened to me at age 8-days, which I can’t help but factor into my present condition. Things are fine. Really.

In fact, we’re so super cereal granola crunch about said baby’s spiritual unfetterdness, we’ve decided to bestow said baby a name of such disembodied strangeness, you’ll wonder whether said baby is alive, much less real. With this in mind, we’ve decided to name said baby: DEAD RABBITS


So Katie isn’t pregnant. You get that right? That our ‘baby’ is a literary press called Dead Rabbits? That Dead Rabbits’ surrogate is our to-be-named-below third partner? If you’re still confused, think of it this way: it’s kind of like the first time I helped my day job’s interpreting company win a contract, and my boss said, “This is your baby now.” Not sure what ever happened to that kid…God bless.



Apart from his unparalleled comedic timing, DOTA mastery, and devotion to lobbying for SQUAT as the premier strength training exercise, Jon Kay is a former shaker and mover at Amazon, a tech wunderkind, and, most importantly, Dead Rabbits’ fearless leader. He created our plan for world domination. But don’t worry! We plan on being benevolent potentates! Like, if Jon were a movie coming out in summer 2019 about a kind and generous monarch, he’d be called The Good King, because apparently, in the 2010s, any form of entertainment that follows this titling formula — The Good [Noun] — is bound for success! Jon is not on Facebook, but feel free to DM me for his personal information and any advice on how to harass him more effectively.

Then we have the beautiful Katie Rainey – stage name M.K. Rainey – who deserves a poem:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I really love
Being with you

In addition to that, Katie is the Director of the Teaching Artist Project at Community-Word Project, and with that amount of capitalized words in someone’s job title, you know they’re wildly competent. Katie’s also a prize-winning writer of fiction and essays, and a real shaker and mover among us artist types, who as a bunch are generally inert. Along with Devin Kelly, who for reasons unexamined but certainly incriminating is also not on Facebook, she heads the Dead Rabbits Reading Series, which you can think of as the unfettered parent of the Dead Rabbits literary press.

And then there’s me, your resident mad writer. Together, we’ve officially begun the Dead Rabbits LLC.

Other than Doing Stuff for the Press, I’m offering into Dead Rabbits’ stewardship my first baby of sorts: Emerald City, a novel I’ve been working on for almost six years now. But it’s more than A Good Book to Publish. Its trajectory seeded the idea for Dead Rabbits as a more effective and collaborative literary publisher.

A couple years ago, Emerald City was picked up by Scott Cohen, a junior agent to Susan Golomb, one of the biggest literary agents in the business, who represents the likes of Rachel Kushner and Jonathan Franzen. But after Scott left the industry several months later, my novel slipped through the cracks. Rather than seek other representation, I thought it better to keep working on the revisions Scott and I had discussed. Alas, two years later, after several near misses with agents and editors, I couldn’t get it placed. I noticed that my trajectory has closely followed a literary hero of mine, Sergio De La Pava, who queried over 90 agents over three years before his wife, Susanna, published A Naked Singularity to resounding success.

Which is what gave us the idea to start a press that streamlines the publishing process. Today, writers are faced with finishing their book, finding an agent, hoping the agent can sell it, and then, if you’re lucky enough to have gotten to that point, building a platform from which to spread the word about your book. It seemed to us that the division of labor had become a little skewed, to say the least. So, even with the novel in with two of the best indie presses in the biz, I’m happy to say that Emerald City will be Dead Rabbits’ first release – but more importantly, the beginning of a collaborative method of publishing literary work, in which Dead Rabbits acts as Agent, Editor, Publicist, Designer, and more. Best of all, Emerald City has gotten its first blurb — from none other than Sergio himself. Which, as I recently told my thesis advisor, the great David Hollander AKA Netherlander 5000, feels like Steph Curry endorsing my three-pointer.

Anyway, we’ll have updates in the future, but make sure to tune in for the next blog as we’ll be getting back to our regularly scheduled programming — AKA unaffiliated items of interest, intrigue, and general fuckery.