Hi friends. What a week for Jews. It’s particularly ironic for me considering a recent conversation I had with a colleague of Katie’s about the whole Israel-Palestine imbroglio. We spent the necessary twenty minutes dragging each other to middle ground, whereupon much hugging it out and many a fervent nod of agreement because whiskey. Anyway, we continued discussing race and oppression, and at some point I posited that America was by far the best place in the world to be Jewish…


Anyway, I am extremely busy right now. On top of Dead Rabbits — our new literary press, launching early next year! — this Saturday I fly to Seattle with pops on a business trip for the ‘ole day job. I once recorded a song with some friends that was (and, to my knowledge, still is) called ‘Business Trip’. It’s entirely NSFW, does not reflect the real-life views and values of its creators — as it is a parody of hip hop’s pervasive chauvinism, which does not mean I don’t like hip hop, though I do think that, like everything, it’s fraught with contradictions not intrinsic to its form as eloquently put by this man (but not in that video which is just a fairly dope freestyle) — and only very loosely follows its eponymous theme (which if you’ll recall is that of the ‘business trip’).

Anyway, we — as in Birnbaum Interpreting Services, America’s most notorious deaf crime family — will be presenting our palette of Deaf access services to a big tech company you might’ve heard of and their access consultants. Here is my picture and bio for our company site. The bio includes a couple lies: a) I have not done anything to expand our business into the Tri-State area — because I’ve been too busy catching whales like that big tech company you’ve probably heard of say whaaaaaaaaaand; b) I wouldn’t say I’m ‘happy’ to be working full time. ‘Grateful’? ‘Fulfilled’? 'Dare I tempt ‘pleased’ as a qualifier of my occupational outlook? But ‘happy’? This is simply chimeric. Happiness is an ephemeral state. Compulsive and/or obsessive attempts at reproducing happiness is like trying to explain your thoughts/feelings on acid — redundant, ruinous, prone to rotting into a chronic version of happiness’s opposite: depression and anxiety. So while I — and no sane person — is ‘happy’ to be hustling and grinding, I do align its necessity with a realistic view toward happiness in order to ensure that doses of joy dot my day, concatenated by contentments and the okay I’ll stop —

Anyway, if y’all have questions or concerns for Heff Mezos, please direct them somewhere else being as: a) he won’t be at the presentation; b) I do not have the time because; c) I am very busy.

Busy busy busy

Couple announcements: Dead Rabbits is close to securing publicity with JKS Communications! They came highly recommended by Aaron Poochigian, a good friend of ours whose larskishly delicious novel-in-verse, Mr. Either/Or, was blessed by such kingmakers. JKS will be working with us on both the press launch and our first book release — which of course is my novel, Emerald City! For more updates and writings, please check out my contact page where you can sign up for my newsletter!

Okay well that’s all for now. Till later.